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Best Vacuum Cleaner of 2014-2015 

Determining the best vacuum cleaner of 2014-2015 is not an easy task. There are plenty of variables to consider when trying to categorize which of the many models that are available are best. There are actually quite a few vacuum cleaners for 2014-2015 depending on the job that you need to get done according to the consumer reports. 



Clearly if you live in an apartment you do not need the same type of vacuum cleaner that you would need if you lived in a 3000 square foot home that was carpeted through-out. Of course if you have primarily hard surfaces in your home that is an entirely different need. 


Out With the Old 

Not too long ago the very highest hope you could have for options on a vacuum cleaner were a couple of hose attachments and a little dial in the front of the vacuum cleaner that changed the height of the front of the vacuum so you could use it for deep shags and shorter piles. 

Today vacuum cleaners come complete with many different options. Many models can easily go from deep pile carpeting to solid surfaces with a flick of a switch! The new models for 2014 have attachments for everything from dusting to cleaning upholstery. 


Which to Choose? 

Since there are so many options and you do want to buy the best vacuum cleaner of 2014-2015, setting a price point is a good place to start and consider what you will be using your vacuum to clean. For example if you have to lug your vacuum up and down the stairs than compact and lightweight are two words you should be looking for. 

Paying more does not necessarily mean getting the best vacuum for your needs. One of the best vacuums is actually quite inexpensive if you live in an apartment or your home is small than the Eureka Wind Tunnel Upright is a great investment at right around $100! 


Maybe you need something that is a little more powerful the Shark Navigator is a great upright option as well. This professional grade vacuum cleaner not only gets up the dust and dirt but it also removes many of the allergens found in your home. The cost? $299. 

All of the above are uprights if you prefer a canister vacuum than you may want to consider the Eureka 3670G. The price is certainly a big selling point at under $60 but this vacuum is receiving rave reviews from both consumers and cleaning professionals! 



The Best Vacuum of 2014-2015? 

If you have the cash and are looking for the best vacuum cleaner money can buy, all fingers point to the Miele S6270. This fully loaded engineering marvel will set you back $400 but it is well worth it and can easily be considered the best vacuum for 2014-2015! 

















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